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Shonen Flop

Mar 7, 2022

Is this Moneyball meets Dragon Ball?
We and our guest MasakoX from Team Four Star (Dragon Ball Z the Abridged Series) discuss Mikiyasu Kamada (story) and by Ashibi Fukui’s (art) Shonen Jump’s manga Nine Dragons’ Ball Parade.

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MAL Description: Hakuo Gakuin's mighty baseball team consistently makes it to Koushien, and Tamao Azukida dreams of making the team. To achieve his goal, Tamao does extensive research and undergoes a strict daily training regimen. But at tryouts, Tamao meets the enigmatic genius pitcher Tao Ryuudou, and the course of his destiny may be forever changed! If people aren't laughing, then you're not dreaming big enough! A new baseball tale for the era begins!