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Shonen Flop

Oct 19, 2020

Mitama Security: Spirit Busters is a gag manga about Rena Haze, a teenage girl who’s haunted by over 100 spirits. To manage these spirits, she’s protected by Joh Mitama, a member of Secureity (a pun on rei which means spirit). Joh, however, is afraid of ghosts and as such is very ineffective at his role. Lucky for...

Shonen Flop Recommends #9: Inuyasha

Oct 19, 2020

InuYasha | Netflix

So, last episode we covered Bone Collection, which is absolute trash. However, aspects of the manga (the constant gags, the romance plot, a boy and a girl as the two protagonists, frequently pulling from Japanese culture and mythology) reminded me of a way better series: Inuyasha. 

The main plot follows Kagome, a young...

Oct 5, 2020

Bone Collection is set on a version of modern-day earth where people have to worry about regular attacks from yokai - a kind of Japanese spirit. Protecting humanity is exorcists, humans able to use spiritual energy and talismans. The main character is Jinai Kazami, an exorcist who is notable for having almost...

Shonen Flop Recommends #8: Shaman King

Oct 3, 2020

TT Poll #206: Shaman King

In our upcoming episode, we will be discussing Bone Collection. Not to spoil the episode but we don’t like it. It’s a shame because the concept of supernatural entities teaming up with powerful spiritualists reminded me a lot of Shaman King, a manga that was very important to me as a kid. I first discovered it in...