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Shonen Flop

Sep 7, 2020

Samurai 8 is set in a Star Wars-esque fantasy-sci fi world in which humanity has become scattered amongst the cosmos. Maintaining the peace are the samurai. These powerful warriors are a combination of magic and cybernetics. They consist of those who have died, but had strong enough will to create a new body created from the energy of their fighting spirit, and wield their soul as weapons. 

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 Show Notes:

  • Episode art by Alia Gestl (IG: aliagestl) 
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Shonen Flop is hosted by David Weinberger and Jordan Forbes, where each episode they look at a manga that ran in Weekly Shonen Jump that couldn't quite make it. Listen in to find out what the manga did wrong, what it did right, how the series could have turned itself around, and ultimately was it a flop or not.