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Shonen Flop

May 30, 2020

Set in the near future, teenage engineering supergenius Koshiro Tatara has passed away, leaving behind his twin brother and main character Kaname. Kaname is a hot-blooded by-the-book shonen protagonist who dreams of being the hero “Jackman”. Kaname gets a text from his brother, telling him to meet. It turns out his brother didn’t die but rather had his consciousness put into a super-suit, which when worn by his brother turns them into the hero Zipman. Working together, they have to save the city from an organization of super-suit-wielding evildoers, ruled by the mysterious Chairman. You can read the first chapters of Zipman!! here.

Show Notes:

  • Learn more about translation
  • Zipman!! popularity over time
  • Optimus Prime in the flesh
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MAL Description: Zip up and get your robot on! A new type of robot-action series! World-famous handsome mechanical engineer Koshiro Tatara and scary-looking musclehead Kaname, these polar opposite twins both fell in love with the same girl's smile. Since then, they compete daily to see which of them can make her smile more. But one day, tragedy suddenly strikes Koshiro... A new robot battle action manga with a totally unlikely duo from Yusaku Shibata, creator of Yoakemono!