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Shonen Flop

Jun 29, 2020

Robot x Laserbeam is the tale of socially-awkward highschooler Roboto “Robot” Hatohara. While initially resistant to joining his high school’s golf team, it’s discovered that Robot has the uncanny ability to hit golf balls perfectly straight - his “laserbeam”. After a heated match against one of the best amateur players, Miura Youzan, Robot becomes inspired to continue their rivalry and become a professional player himself.

Show Notes:

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  • Dorian Green as bigfoot
  • Putt-Putt Perfection
  • Mission Ignition
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  • The Weekly Cooldown
  • The Shonen Fiasco Show

We also want to give a special thanks to Adi Ravi for his help in explaining golf. 

MAL Description:

Robato Hatohara is a serious, inflexible, and clueless first-year student at Eiai Academy. His lack of expression and social awareness combined with robotic mannerisms have earned him the nickname "Robo." The only person who enjoys talking to him is Tomoya Nakata—his lone friend and member of the school's golf club. Nakata has tried to recruit Hatohara into the club on several occasions, but failed due to the other's complete disinterest in the sport.

While out at a driving range together, Hatohara hits a shot as straight as a laser beam using Nakata's finicky golf club, achieving a hole-in-one. This stuns his friend as well as Youzan Miura—an up-and-coming young professional golfer whose swing style has earned him the nickname "Samurai." Following a brief case of mistaken identity, Miura and Hatohara find themselves playing against each other, upon which the former learns that the latter is a complete amateur who has no desire to play golf.

Impressed by his opponent's innate talent, Miura requests that Hatohara reach his level and challenge him. With a newfound goal to strive for, the deadpan Hatohara sets off to secure a regular position on Eiai's golf team, in hope of teeing off against his rival again.