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Shonen Flop

Apr 4, 2022

Does the presence of the “ubermale” gene turn this measly lad into a chad?

We and our guest Ash from the Simping For Senpai podcast discuss Ryouhei Yamamoto’s (Saotome Shimai wa Manga no Tame nara!?) Shonen Jump manga Love Rush! Ash has the honor of being our first guest from the “Be a guest” form on our site, want to be on the show fill it out at


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MAL Description: 

Reiji Hakuba suffers from a genetic condition most men would yearn for: the Ubermale gene, which makes him appear irresistibly handsome to any girl who sees him. On the eve of his 18th birthday, Reiji learns that this gene also affects supernatural beings when cupid princess Kokoro Roko Rokoko appears to profess her love for him. Despite all the admiration, Reiji adamantly refuses all confessions as he has his own crush: childhood friend Shizuku Ichinomiya, the only girl he knows who doesn't fawn over him.


However, the outcome of his recent confession to her is still up in the air as Shizuku is unsure of how she feels about him. As a result, Reiji is still fair game, and Kokoro isn't the only supernatural being after him; a whole mob of otherworldly ladies begin to enter Reiji's life intent on claiming him as their groom. Respecting Reiji's resolve to win over Shizuku, Kokoro decides to protect Reiji from the other admirers, all while attempting to win his heart and make him fall for her instead.