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Shonen Flop

Jan 11, 2021

The year is 2049, 20 years ago Japan opened up its borders to the world and built a hyperloop, the most incredible infrastructure in history. The only ones keeping the peace are Shinobi, Japan’s vigilante heroes who learn how to use magic by reading ancient kung fu tutorials known as ninpo scrolls. The coolest of all Shinobi tho is Narumi Jin, who everyone thinks is strong and rad. Check out how strong and rad he is as we, and our guest Alex Ptak from Pod Damn America discuss.

 Show Notes:

  • Episode art by Jennifer Zhu (IG: art_by_toast)
  • You can find Alex Ptak’s at
  • What The Trailer Podcast: 
  • The Insanely Dangerous Retro Podshow:
  • Wow!! Cool Robot!!!:
  • Whatthesmut:
  • The Jury Room Podcast:

MAL Description:

Tokyo, 2049... Thanks to the Galapagos Reform enacted by the government, Russia, China, America, and Japan are now connected by a Hyper Loop system. This globalization has turned Tokyo into the most crime-ridden city in the world. To fight the rising crime, those who have been working in the shadows since the Sengoku period are needed... They are... the Shinobi!