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Shonen Flop

Jul 27, 2020

Guardian of the Witch is set in a fantasy world in which humanity lives in walled cities to protect themselves from roving monsters (evils). These cities are protected by teenage girls (witches) that have been given magical powers by merging them with the essence of evils (seeds). Our main character, Fafner, is the guardian of the fire-witch Manasfa. However, after rejecting orders to kill the witch due to impending corruption by her seed, they escape the city in search of a cure.

Show Notes:

• Referenced art:

• The Weekly Cooldown: (check out episode 100 which David's featured on)

• Alia Gestl's Instagram: aliagestl

• Michael McNulty's Instagram: macnult_

• The Magic Conch podcast:

• Manhattan Physical Therapy:

• Josh Lieberman's poetry Youtube Channel Menachemical:

• Remember to wear a mask!