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Shonen Flop

Aug 10, 2020

Dark Mage is the tale of Dok Go-Sung, a powerful warrior in an Asian-inspired fantasy world. However, on the verge of death after an intense battle, he’s saved by a group of wizards that take him to their homeworld, Truvania to help fight against a group of evil dragons and their army of monsters.

Show Notes:

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• Dark Mage was based on a series of books by Kim Jung Ryul, and was drawn by Kang Jae-Sin

• Special thanks to Alia Gestl's for creating this episode's art (IG: aliagestl), Nigel Francis for funding the piece, and Tim Plumadore for handling social media for the show

• Keep an eye out for a Podcast Most Fowl, hosted by Jakey @misterjakeypoo, and check out his recommendation Yi Soon Shin

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