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Shonen Flop

Mar 20, 2023

Manga by Naoya Matsumoto (Kaiju No. 8)


Meow that’s what I call manga.


We and our guest anime YouTuber inakyu discuss Shonen Jump manga Nekowappa.


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• Shonen Flop is hosted by David Weinberger and Jordan Forbes


• Additional editing assistance by Dylan Crider you can find his podcast, Anime Out of Context at


• Assistance with pronunciation, translation, and other miscellaneous research done by Tucker Whatley and MaxyBee


• Episode art by Merliel (IG: mer_liel)


• Cover art funded by our generous art benefactor Nigel Francis


MAL Description:

A human girl becomes a god!? "Tama", a human girl taken in by cat gods comes down to Earth from Takamanohara to become a great goddess!