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Shonen Flop

Nov 14, 2022

The future diary of a wimpy manga


We and our guest podcaster and writer Neysha discuss Hiroki Tomisawa (Story) Kentaro Hidano (Art) Shonen Jump manga Super Smartphone.


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MAL Description: 

Googugu is a mysterious new app that can search for information, but unlike other popular search engines, Googugu can search through all information that exists on Earth, including confidential government documents and even people's journal entries. With great power comes great limitations though, as Googugu can only be used on a tiny device known as a "super smartphone."


First-year high school student Kyuu "Q" Sagurada happens to be an owner of one such device by chance. Though he is academically brilliant, Q strives to barely pass all of his courses by turning every test into a game, much to the ire of his childhood friend Yuika Noumaru. His behavior stems back to an incident seven years prior, when his younger brother, Shuu, disappeared without a trace. Despite the police's best efforts, they were never able to solve the case.


Realizing that his new smartphone has the potential to crack his younger brother's cold case, he attempts to search for it, only to see that any relevant information is locked. Now, Q must utilize the super smartphone more and collect "Googugu Points" in order to access the information. But as he continues to use the device, he realizes that he may not be the only super smartphone user out there, and the others could be manipulating the world as he knows it.