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Shonen Flop

Apr 11, 2022

How can you object to having a teenage lawyer?

David and Jordan give their first thoughts on the Shonen Jump manga School Judgment. Listen in as they give an overview of the first chapter, where they think it will go from there, and ultimately their “power word” to describe the series so far. They also dive into some listener questions.


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  • Shonen Flop is hosted by David Weinberger and Jordan Forbes
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MAL Description: 

As bullying continues to run rampant in the education system, the government implements the School Judgement System. All disputes shall be settled in court, with students acting as prosecutors and defense attorneys. To ensure this system runs fairly, certain students train in the arts of law, traveling from one school to another to take part in trials.


Accused of dismembering a beloved member of Tenbin Elementary's Class 6-3, Tento Nanahoshi finds himself in dire straits. Due to an established motive and foolproof evidence, the prosecutor prodigy Pine Hanzuki is sure to secure a conviction. Will Abaku Inugami, the transfer student sent to defend Tento, prevail against the odds, or will Tento be branded a criminal?


Illustrated by the artist of Death Note and Bakuman, Gakkyuu Houtei follows Inugami's efforts to exonerate his clients, utilizing his aptitude for "ronpa" —the ability to verbally destroy an opponent's argument.