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Shonen Flop

Jul 26, 2021

It can be difficult falling in love with someone when they don’t like you back. It’s even harder when you’re Risa Aioi, a cop who falls madly in love with every criminal she’s trying to catch.

Learn more about it as you tune into us and our guest Max from Pod of Greed and Wow!! Cool Robot!!! discuss Kazusa Inaoka’s police investigation Shonen Jump manga i tell c. This manga has the honor of being the winner of the first-ever Shonen Flop listener poll! 

Show Notes:

  • You can reach us at or on twitter @shonenflopcast
  • Episode art by Shannon (IG: illuminyatea)
  • You can find our guest on Twitter @Maxibajillion. You can find hos podcasts: Pod of Greed; Wow!! Cool Robot!!!; and Slappers Only
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  • Be sure to join the Shonen Flop Discord where you can talk to us, play games with the community and join the comic book book club! Find it at 


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