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Shonen Flop

Nov 2, 2020

From the creator of Baccano! and Durarara!! comes Stealth Symphony. Set in a fantasy-meets-technology world, you’re just as likely to see a Lizardman as you are an advertisement for the latest cell phone. This manga is about Jig, a human who has been fused with a powerful dragon artifact that’s cursed to act violently to hostile threats. Jig goes to the city of Jinbō-chō in hopes of finding a cure, and we follow his adventures as he adjusts to city life, makes new friends, and learns to use his powers. However, things go completely off the rails from there to the degree Hideo Kojima would be impressed. You’ll have to tune in to find out more. 

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  • Episode art by Alia Gestl (IG: aliagestl)
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Shonen Flop is hosted by David Weinberger and Jordan Forbes, where each episode they look at a manga that ran in Weekly Shonen Jump that couldn't quite make it. Listen in to find out what the manga did wrong, what it did right, how the series could have turned itself around, and ultimately was it a flop or not.